PT Denusa SejahteraAbout us

PT Denusa Sejahtera designing and working in the cleanroom systems, components and equipment for various industrial applications such as pharmaceutical, food, automotive, manufacturing and public service buildings with good quality and guaranteed.

We are able to do that relates to HVAC and Cleanroom in accordance with industry standards. We provide materials for HVAC systems such as Air conditioning, Dehumidifiers, Boilers, Building Automation, Controls, Energy Saving, HVAC Equipment, Textile Duct, Grilles, Registers, diffusers, Indoor Air Quality, Plumbing, Radiant, Refrigration, Tools, Wire / Cable, Product venting, Zonning, Booth System.

In cleanroom systems we also supply Modular Cleanrooms, Laminar Flow Clean Benches, Cleanroom Entry Systems, Cleanroom Components, Cleanroom Furniture, Fume Hoods and Wet Power stations, Inflow Dust Containment Cabinets.

Our Customer

Industry :
Pharmaceutical | Manufacturing | Food

Community Service :
Hospital | Market | Building