TYPE CR100 – CR1200


Desiccant dehumidifers in the CR range, with air flows from 100 to 1200 m 3/h, consists of 9 models, all designed for general purposes, e.g. room air dehumidifcation and process drying.

TYPE CR100 - CR1200

TYPE CR100 – CR1200

Features :

  • Cabinet manufactured in stainless steel
  • high capacity at normal temperatures and %RH
  • Particularly good capacity at lower temperatures and low %RH
  • Deep drying at nominal or reduced air flow
  • Pressure available for external dry air and regular air ducts
  • Complete dehumidifiers, ready for connection to ductwork and power supply on site
  • Stepless control of the electric heater on bigger models (controller SSR relays)
  • High performance desiccant rotor of silica gel, washable
  • Separated process and regeneration air flow, 2 fans, efficient gaskets
  • Easy access for internal cleaning and for service

Applications :
This range of dehumidifiers has a variety of applications, among others :

  • Dry air storage in general: Humidity control in unheated storerooms/storage buldings
  • Internal corrosion protection of machinery parts, bridges etc. with dry air
  • Cold stores and freezers: Reduction of ice on evaporateors, at doors on ceilings and on goods
  • Protection of electronics and electrical instalations
  • Process and production rooms with low %RH in the pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Water work buildings (including open top filters)


The company policy making quality products has resulted in dehumidifiers characterized by high reliabliliy, low maintenance costs, maintainability and high capacity. Furthermore, these adsorption dehumidifiers are characterized by high capacity at low temperatures and additional room heating is normally not necessary.


All Cotes humidity controls, DR10, DA20, DH24, DCC, can be used for the CR dehumidifiers. The choice depends on the degree of accuracy needed and external user information.

For details, download PDF file here