TYPE CRP2000 – CRP30000


The CRP dessicant dehumidifer range is designed for process air drying. i.e, process plants demanding a steady low dew point in the dry air as well as reliable and smooth operation without breakdown.
To be able to meet these standarts, components of particularly high quality are used in the CRP dehumidifiers, which make this range our flagship.


TYPE CRP2000 - CRP30000

TYPE CRP2000 – CRP30000


  • Cabinet manufactured in stainless steel
  • Deep drying at nominal process air flow
  • Optimizing of data for the specific process
  • External pressure for process air flow adapted to the existing installation
  • Cabinet with insulated inlet plenum for process air
  • Pocket filters for process air inlet are standard
  • Stepless capacity control by DCC and adjusment of electrical components (accessoris)
  • High performance desiccant rotor of silica gel, alternatively molsiev or LiCl
  • Efficcient rotor gaskets with long durability
  • Service doors in front of all internal components
  • Operation and service only from one side of the cabinet
  • Regeneration by electricity, steam or gas


The humidifier is used alone or as part of a bigger air treatment system to ensure a constant low dew point in the dry air. Processes using fresh air often need a deeper drying than the humidifier can accomplish by itself. In such cases, the humidifier is combined with a pre-cooler and a post-cooler, either separate AHU modules or delivered as a complete unit. This way, both humidity and temperature control are obtained.


The company policy of making quality products has resulted in dehumidifiers characterized by high reliability, low maintenance costs, maintainabillity and high capacity. Further more, these adsorption dehumidifiers are characterized by high capacity at low temperature and additional room heating is normally not necessary.



All Cotes humidity controls, DR10, DA20, DH24, DCC, can be used for the CRP dehumidifiers. The choice depends on the degree of accuracy needed and external user information.


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