Modular Cleanroom

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Cleanroom Solutions
Design, installation and accreditation of modullar cleanrooms. The various structures are intended for organizations that need to adapt a non clean area to a cleanroom environtment that achieve the relevant quality standard to an acceptable time frame and budget.

Unlike other cleanrooms on the market, this clean enclosure comes supplied in self-assembly kit form with either softwall panels or rigid panels, HEPA or ULPA ceiling, Filter units, clear acrylic and powder coated or stainless steel frame. On request we support onsite installation and accreditation. Acessories included lights, benches and temperature control.


Cleanrooms modular cleanroom concept provides an economical, versatille solution to clean manufacturing requirements in various areas of operation including plastics processing, medical device assembly, food manufacture, aerospace, electronics and many other industries.


Enclosures are designed around each application and can be portable, expendable and easy to assamble/disassemble. these cleanroom units are available in for small localized areas of just a few square meters to larger cells up to 20 square meters. The units are able to connect together forming one large area or if the soft wall is left in place an additional gowning up area can be added.